Visiting, working or living in New York City you value your personal comfort and security first. Installing modern surveillance systems is the best way of keeping control of your premises or property. Monitoring everyday life is becoming part of today’s world and CCTV systems are wildly used in public spaces, residential buildings, commercial and industrial areas, all types of transportation and even underwater locations. At DNY Security we are a licensed provider of security camera systems for home or building owners. We install and maintain surveillance systems in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

Our surveillance system consultants take time to properly advise on the type of cameras to install for the particular business area or to select the most cost-effective system to protect your home. As a surveillance system installation company we deal with technological product and it is our policy to closely monitor every modifications and changes in this area to supply you with the best products and solutions.

At DNY Security we offer a wide range of IP and Analog security cameras for every budget. To ensure a professional security for our customers we integrate HD quality cameras, wireless networking, technologies for viewing the live feed as well as a recorded footage from one’s iPhone or Android device and other innovations. If you care about temperature fluctuations and consequent lower endurance – we can provide cameras fitted with an enclosed fan or a heater to resist harmful effect. If you care about the way your cameras look and fit your interior – we can select a number of models that are of a smaller and a neater design.

As surveillance system installation company in New York City we know how our operation should look from the part of the customer. We make our best to simplify the whole process from designing and placing the order to having all the equipment installed and checked.

We guarantee top quality standards regardless the amount of cameras or type of the equipment chosen. We guarantee timely and professional CCTV installation and maintenance.

We guarantee a fair consulting and offering of up-to-date product.


Surveillance Systems

Have “eyes” everywhere, at once.

Security and Fire Systems

Intrusion, flood or fire? We are on it.

Access Control Systems

Control who and when enters or exits your premises.


Interact with whoever is ringing your doorbell even if you are half way around the globe.

Public Announcement Systems

Broadcast your message to everyone who needs to hear it.

Additional Services

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.