Business Security Cameras Brooklyn NY

Surveillance Camera Installation Brooklyn

Depending on the scope of your business, we tailor security level to a specific business category, from small retailors to large corporations. Business security cameras come in a variety of sizes and features. CCTV cameras for business have longer night vision distance, higher resolution sensors, wider field of view and greater processing power. We can offer CCTV business cameras with variable or fixed zoom lens capable of capturing facial details from up to 140ft away. Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras are best for retail stores, malls or airports as they are equipped with motorized unit that can rotate the camera in 360 degrees and zoom objects with motorized lens. For industries with outdoor security systems cameras should be built of metal and withstand direct contact with water, rain, snow, sand and resist extreme temperatures. Professional installers of DNY Security will consult you on every essential key point for your particular security system scheme for your business.


As surveillance system installation company in New York City we feature the best selection of business video systems offered on the market from small to larger businesses. Security camera system is an essential tool for businesses to control the premises and increase both efficiency and employees performance. The obvious benefit is to keep track of all transactions and activities as well as to have a deeper insight into your business viewing customers’ behavior and probably discovering new marketing opportunities. Knowing of your customers’ habits and supervision of the whole process can be your extra competitive advantage. We understand that you may also be concerned about your employees’ behavior and efficiency at work. In this case installing business video surveillance system is the way for a more transparent and safer work environment. For larger businesses, video surveillance systems can be easily integrated with existing corporate IT infrastructure.

Security cameras used for business and commercial spaces have greater processing power, higher megapixels, further night vision and better zoom in function. We feature units capable to rotate 360 degrees, waterproof or resistant to extreme temperatures. We can also offer remote playback and live view on your iPhone or Android device. The question is to choose appropriate product. Our knowledge of special technical features will make it easy for you to choose the right product that fits your purpose and budget. Our CCTV camera installers are ready to discuss your special security needs and equip the video system with the best quality items available. When choosing surveillance system for your commercial purposes professional assistance is something, you cannot do without. Our customer has to get exactly what he needs.

We are happy to consult you on the product or services in case you have questions or ready to schedule a meeting.


Surveillance Camera Installation Brooklyn

  • This option includes Installation and Training
  • Additional Cameras starting at $369 each
  • (Four) 1.3 Million Pixels IP PoE, 1080P AHD High Speed Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras
  • 7”, double layer metal body construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Infrared distance 120 meters
  • 20X digital zoom
  • True Day/Night with WDR
  • Four Channel Two Terabyte Network Video Recorder
  • Remote playback and live viewing via iPhone or Android
  • 3 Year Manufacturers warranty

ONLY $3199


Surveillance Camera Installation Brooklyn

  • (Four) Four Million Pixels IP PoE Bullet Cameras, 1080P
  • Verifocal 2.8 – 12 mm Manual Zoom ICR Lens
  • Infrared Distance 328 feet (night vision)
  • Weather resistant. Vandal resistant
  • 4-Channel Two Trabyte Network Video Recorder
  • Remote playback and live viewing via iPhone or Android
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • This option includes Installation and Training
  • Additional Cameras starting at $299 each

ONLY $2999


At DNY Security we create reliable surveillance systems and work thoroughly with schematics first. In case you already have a design of security system worked out for your particular space, we can consider it and make proper recommendations or remarks. Please contact us and our installers will schedule an appointment to inspect your home, office or business area and will make a free estimate. Being a technology and service company, we provide up-to-date surveillance systems and top quality installation. We believe in the expertise of our CCTV installers and are sure they will answer all your questions whether they are about cameras’ features or any complicated incidents that might occur in process of using the installed system.